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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

Originally Posted by stillers4me View Post
Yea...speak for yourself. I grew up in western Pa. in a very sports oriented community........I watched 5 Steeler SuperBowl wins and one loss. In my 47 years, I've seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to my football team. I may have been busy for a few years raising a son on my own, and had a few priorities bigger than football games, but don't EVER call me a bandwagon fan. EVER. I may have the unfortunate fate of living in Sissynasti, but I'll die a Steeler fan. Not too bad for an old broad.

You've got a lot of nerve questioning other peoples "fan status". And it's ok if this new generation of Steelers brings on a whole new flock of fans. The wagons big enough for everybody.....even if they they aren't a walking encyclopedia on Steeler legends and lore. That doesn't make one person a better fan than another. If you only want to watch if they are winning....then I say go get direct tv 'coz you'll be rooting for a different team every year. Win or lose......they are MY Steelers.

I with you man, that other guy called us out. I'll be here win or lose. No matter what happens. I had the unfortunate fate of living in Da Nati for the past 10 years. I wasn't questioning your fan status, I know a true fan when I see one.....
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