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Default Does Whipple get a pass?

Everyone on here is angry to an extent, but my question is does Mark Whipple (QB coach) get a pass?

Ben, IMO is a raw talent and if he is is it not the job of Mark Whipple to fine tune that talent? This guy is getting paid, but we are not seeing the improvement from ben that says he is doing his job. Lets not forget that Ben is a young man and needs someone who will help him through the tough times and teach him how to get better. You look back at Green Bay when Brett came in, he was a huge raw talent. The difference is that the QB coach (Mooch) was able to turn that raw talent into one of the greatest QB'S ever.

I will not say that Whipple is the biggest reason for Bens poor play, but he has to be held accountable......Does'nt he?
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