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Default Re: An Outsiders Perspective

LITP has some good points, but I definitely can think of a time when we played 3 or 4 dominant games in a row, and it was 2 years ago when we went 15-1. That team was essentially the same as last year's team - both were great.

So what's the difference now? Well, we've had some injuries and we've lost some players. Our biggest injuries, however, are mental: Ben has obviously lost some focus and the team has lost an essential leader in Bettis. Our biggest loss is the loss of hunger. It's what defined our team last year avenging a playoff loss that never should have happened the year before. Now, its just not there and it shows.

The good news of all this is that it can be changed. I don't believe the problem lies in our personnel, not to the extent our current record reflects anyway. I agree with those who said we need some adjustments. We also need a spark. The next three games are extremely winnable and extremely important to provide that spark.
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