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Default Re: Cowher's Tenure

All great points. But this is why I pose the question.

ATL Dan going to the Dark Side is a bit of comic relief but "Bachelor Bill" is almost certainly six feet under. We all make mistakes but answering to that many daughters is not worth a floozie or two or 20. He's been there done that. So cross that off the list. Maybe.

Steelfan92 touches on why the Rooneys and Cowher may want to be inclined to remove doubt - or exacerbate it. At 3-1 or 2-2 the Steelers are looking at the KC game and licking their chops. At 1-3 the psychology can easily morph into a lame duck season with a lame duck coach.

This is not about money PER SE and less about a CONTRACT. Business is business. But the Rooney's stood by Cowher when many wanted him gone. I'm a little too young to be old fashioned but if RESPECT isn't the keystone in this negotiation then...when would it be. Hell. Tampa Bay tore up Dungy's contract only to eventually cut bait for Gruden.

If Joey Porter kissing the man isn't indicative of his value then what is. Uncertainty at the helm right now is toxic.

Wagers anyone? If this doesn't get swept under the carpet or neatly manipulated then be damn sure this will very soon co-headline Ben's recent notoriety. EXACTLY what the Rooneys or the Cowhers do not want to stomach. Or the players.
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