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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

Originally Posted by Black and Gold Forever 32 View Post
Dude I'm with you SteelCzar. Just because a fan is critical of the Steelers doesn't make that fan any less of a fan or a bandwagon fan. My family is from Pittsburgh plus my grandfather played for the Steelers in the early 1950's. Yea I would like one of you blind homers tell me I'm not a true fan. I think SteelCzar makes a great point. Players and coaches come and go. But the Pittsburgh Steelers remain. So thats why I don't try to have to much an emotional attachment to one player or coach. I love Bill Cowher but its time for him to go. I don't want him fired. I think Cowher has earned the right to walk away on his own terms. I wish now that he would have announced his retirement when Jerome did. Its clear Bill doesn't have the same passion for the game and the team can pick up on that.

About Big Ben. I have been a fan of Ben since his days at Miami of Ohio. I wanted the Steelers to draft him bigtime. Still glad the Steelers did. But I thought Ben got way to much credit the last two years. So its only fair he recieves much of the blame when the team loses. Its the nature of the position. But for all of Ben's talk about how he wants to be one of the greats and a team leader. Well talk is cheap and actions speak louder then words.
Czar was harsh on Deshea. Given the height disadvantage he almost saved the night. Townsend is one of the brighter lights - it's not his fault he is short.

"Its clear Bill doesn't have the same passion for the game"

YES. IT'S NOT CLEAR. I don't doubt that he has the passion. But does he want to coach the Steelers for the next few years. Thanks to TO and all the other crap on Sportscenter they haven't found time for this lurking drama. But it's coming if it doesn't get resolved. And somehow I think you could see it in Cowher's face on Sunday night.

BnG...who has the credibility to coach this team out of this hole? Are we really going to start from scratch?

I was so f-ing wrong to think that Ken Whiz could do that. Right now. Unless we surrender to a rebuild.

If Cowher respects the Rooneys - which he does- then he can't wait until the offseason to decide. The MESSAGE needs to be sent loud and clear. Or else we will be in a good draft position.

It would be nice to know though.
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