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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
Don't trip BlackandGold, you and disregard anyone whom would question your resolve and or allegiance. You (and hopefully anyone with any first hand knowledge of you) know's the deal. Most of the "Syrup on Sh#t,...makes pancakes" people (Wade, Stiller's 4me, 86 .....yeah i call names) are more than likely just Big Ben FANS that are sick because of the way he's playing.
And as far as Hardjerk,........he's always playing himself. With that said,....brush your shoulders off homey and let them address ME personaly and i'll finish it,......"Quicker than anything in your local Pharmacy"

Really. To question BnG as a Steeler man is just plain ole freaking stoopid. Pathetic.

How jazzed was it seeing Anthony Smith out there. Wrist tackle!!! Sheee**t. I know you lobby hard for him to start. With each game I see little reason to disagree anymore. At least fewer reasons.

Even though we lost Carter played his ass off. Benching Logan was the right call.

And Willie Reid... Dude we all pulled for you. Heal fast.
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