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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

Come on Steelers fans, lets not fight amongst ourselves. Let's not be envious of the QB in San Diego, or the WR's in Cincinnati. Those guys don't have any hardware and I wouldn't trade Ben or any of our WR's for those bums.

We all get frustrated with the team when they play like they're currently playing. Heck I cuss them up and down while watching the game but they're still my team and I love them. We just went through the MOST difficult portion of our schedule and I believe that WE'RE GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

Pull out your schedules and look at our remaining games. There's absolutely no reason not to believe that we won't be the favorites in AT LEAST 10 of our remaining 12 games. These are very winnable games. As you all saw last night the Baltimore Ravens are HIGHLY OVERRATED. The Cincinnati Bengals have problems far beyond ours and their problems are not fixable. At least not this season. The Steelers are going to be alright. Let's just support them for the next 8-10 weeks and see where we stand after that.
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