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Default Re: Cowher's Tenure

I believe Cowher is gone based on his wife and high school age daughter having moved to North Carolina.

I do not have a clue why the move was made while Cowher was still working in Pittsburgh (allow the daughter more years to adjust moving into a new high school?) but unless Cowher and his wife are separated (obviously none of my business except insofar as it impacts the Steelers) I do not believe he wants a commuter marriage at this stage of his life.

When you look at their records, Cowher has a lot similarity to John Madden, another highly emotional coach. As Raiders coach Madden had a lot of near misses before finally winning in 1976. He left coaching 2 years later at a younger age than Cowher at a time when his peers as successful coaches (Noll, Landry, Shula) coached for decades.

IMHO Cowher finally got what he had been chasing and at least for now wants to take a break from being a high energy coach - too bad he apparently started to take it (compared to prior years he currently looks like he is sedated on the sidelines) while he was still Steelers' HC.

That having been said, although Cowher shouldhave announced whether this was his last season prior to training camp, he will not officially announce it now. That will make him a lame duck and the media will constantly be asking Cowher, the assistants and the players who they believe should be the next coach.

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