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Default Whisenhunt blows it again

Another week... another Steeler loss... another bad day for our Offensive play caller.

Not offensive, as in offensive side of the ball, but offensive, as in unpleasant sensations.

Exhibit A
Game starts - 1st & 10 - whattaya know throwin on 1st down... incomplete... followed up by the patented 2nd & 10 div up the middle... no gain... creating a 3rd & long situation... incomplete pass.... and we start this must win game with a very whisenhunt-like 3 and out.

This is exactly what I have been clammoring about on this site for weeks.... using an uncomfortable and obviously lacking-in-confidence QB improperly. I am not one of these people chanting Charlie Batch's name. Ben is our QB period. But why must we call plays that only work if the QB is sharp and precise in his reads and delivery. Ben has never BEEN ASKED to carried us offfensively. I emphasized been asked, because it is one thing to come out and make reactionary reads and plays as a complimentary player and it is a completely different story to be an offenses primary bread winner. Ben has proven so far this year he isnt ready to carry that kinda load.

Exhibit B
Willie Parker got only 4 carries after halftime. As halftime approached NBC posted the typical Cohwer "with a lead at halftime stat" and they come out in the second half and give just 4 carries to the only guy to score a TD for us since September 7!!!!!!!

Willie averaged over 4 yds/carry. So its not as if we couldnt run the ball at all. Furthermore, ask yourself....were our lineman doing a better job of run blocking or pass blocking. Ray Charles could see that Ben was under constant pressure on most pass plays.

Besides all of this was the fact that we had the leadhalfway through the 3rd qtr. Play Steeler football!!!!! Run the pill, control the clock, keep the other tems O off the field, gain confidence one first down at a time. Let our D rest. Again, play Steeler football.

A lot of folks realized that when these two teams (and more importantly these two coaches) get together that it will be a defensive struggle. Both coaches get accused of sitting or turtling the football. On Sunday night, Marty and his O coordinator did a far better job of protecting his QB with a far safer gameplan and Phillip Rivers beat Big Ben... Not because he executed perfectly, but because his coaches didnt ask him to carry the load for 4 quarters........ Whisenhunt has asked Ben to carry the load the lastt 12 quarters he has played

How has that worked out for ya, Mr. Whisenhunt?????
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