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Default Re: Cowher's Tenure

I agree with that fact that we shouldn't just extend the HC job to an insider. However, we also have to take into consideration that most likely any new HC will release any assistant coaches which could in turn put our Def and Off at another disadvantage next year as they learn a whole new system.

We were blessed with Cowher in that he understood what the Steelers were about and stuck with it. However, IMHO, it may be somewhat difficult to find a coach in this day in age in the NFL that understands that mentatlity, let alone a HC that the Rooney's would feel comfortable leaving at the helm for 15 years!

As with Cowher's family, maybe it's something they worked out together and he's just in town until the end of this year and gone. But it's all speculation and not something I particular care to find out about until we our season is over. But if Cowher is more focused on where he's going to be living come January then he should have left in February the same time The Bus did and not drag his name, the Rooney's, the team, and the fans down like we have been done so far this year.

As for replacements, I just want someone that will recognize the job he has in front of him, the fact that we as fans do not want to wait another 26 years for another title, and he will utilize all necessary weapons!!!

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