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Default Re: Whisenhunt blows it again

B&G Forever - certainly did not want to imply and do not believe I was taking a shot at you.

However, since you and I both have been watching the same, to use your term, f***king games, you asked with apparent sincerity how can anyone bitch about the defense. I thought it was a fair response. Ask and you shall receive :)

Ben has been a major disapointment but a great defense has to deal with it (the '76 Steelers went on their roll after Mike Kruczek replaced an injured Bradshaw at QB). To use a less cosmically great D as an example, Baltimore has not been lighting anyone up on the scoreboard the last several weeks but if the Ravens D played in the 4th Q the way the Steelers D has played they would have been in no position to beat the Chargers and Browns with their offense scoring a total of 16 and 15 points in those 2 games.
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