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Default Re: Kansas City vs Steelers Tailgate


We are 4 guys coming from New Brunswick, Canada to see our first NFL game live !!! We are very excited ! It's a 18-20 hours drive. After reading some of your advice for rookie like us, I guess we better join some party up there. What about beer and food ? How can we bring our beer up there ? Four 12 pack in a plastic bag...ishhh. Do you have any suggestion ? If we bring a cooler, we won't have any place to store it during the game. I understand that we can buy food from some tailgate party ? I read something about free parking or something like that for cars from out of state ? What's that exactly ?

Last thing, does someone have any suggestion for an hotel in a 10 miles area ? I know, we are late for this one...

Thanks for your invitation Stlrs4life, we'll probably stop by to say hello.
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