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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
1: As i have stated since he was at N.C. State and before the 2004 draft,....Philip Rivers is the TRUTH and was the BEST OF HIS CLASS.
2:We gave our,.... average passer with some "Backyard moves" "Quarterback" a roster filled with guest/Bum Wr's that can't get of jams, or get open. And even when they do, their hands and ability to run after the catch are less than average.
3:We no longer can run the ball effectively from a physical, wear down a defense standpoint. Bussy's productivity in this aspect used to protect us and Ben himself,....from himself. (Ben)
4: Our secondary WILL and does fold against any of the better passing teams in the League. How can anyone honestly dispute this ? (Little Kid voices) "Ike is GREAT,.... and Dshea isn't an undersized overachiever" Would you finally,....KNOCK IT OFF.

Bottom line,'s a matter of marginal personel. But this fall's upon the front office for lacking the forsight and resolve to correct these problems before they became such. (problems) However,....i REFUSE and simply cannot throw in the Towel,... and long for the day when this team is FINALLY upgraded in the Secondary, backfield and Receiving Corps. This is dishonorable and disgusting.

"Hail Caesar,......HAIL THE BLACK AND GOLD"
we never had a chance at rivers so what's the point of bringing him up?? yeah our secondary is highly overrated and will get owned by the better passers in the league
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