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Default Re: If you could go to the past....

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
siss!!!! You don't like the smell of a rugged athletic man? Girl - you just don't know what you're missing! I'll take that smell any day of the week over a guy who bathes himself in some of that wee wee water they call cologne.

With regard to the poll question, I wouldn't choose any of the above. By now, hopefully, Ben has learned and grown from a very valuable life's lesson, so rehashing the past serves no purpose. I would simply shake his hand and thank him for his part in giving us fans so much excitement and fulfillment over the past two seasons and congratulate him on being the youngest QB to ever lead a SB champion.
I like rugged men, just not rugged man stench. And im sure our QB wears cologne.
"It seems every year there is some reason they are trying to doubt me. Small school, I was playing as a rookie and now this. I?m looking forward to proving to people that I?m up to the task."
~Ben Roethlisberger~

He's ready, Steelers fans. His ordeal over, his return will be complete come Saturday in Arizona, when football again becomes the focus and a career briefly interrupted resumes.
~SI aticle 2006~
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