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Default Re: Whisenhunt blows it again

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
What I don't understand on the defensive side, though, is why LaBeau abandoned the pass rush, which was so effective in the first half. While I am sure the Chargers' OL coach made some adjustments to compensate for the Steelers' successful pursuit of Rivers, I didn't see much - if any - pass rush by our D in the second half.

It's difficult to have a rush of any kind when the adjustments made by the other team include max protect. Also, if you notice our rushers continually ran to the outside, leaving the passing/running lanes wide open for Rivers. As I recall several games last year, our outside blitzers would roll off their blockers into that gap, thus eliminating any hope of a rush and guarenteeing either an incomplete pass, an interception, or a sack. That would get our D off the field on 3rd down (something they haven't done successfully this year) and give our offense opportunities to do their thing (something they haven't done at all this year either) - a responsibility that goes to the Offensive Coordinator and HC!

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