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Originally Posted by BigBensBikeHelmet View Post
He is the best RB you guys have, sadly enough.

Yeah I forgot your schedule includes the best defenses n the nfl. it is funny because you play in the NFC with the biggest threat of the Bears and they are the only team in the top 5 for total defense in the NFL from the NFC. Nice Work! Your running back, definately deserves to be heralded as a great running back but you better not speak tooo soon, cuz last time I checked he's got a broken bone and in his first 3 games he didnt look too awfully good.

week 1- detriot 19 carries for 51 yards
week 2 - arizona 26 carries for 89 yards
week 3 - NYG 20 carries for 47 yards

total 65 carries for 187 yards and 2 tds in three games with a 2.9 average.

So for your NFL MVP I would say I wouldnt be too worried about facing him. Keep up the good work!!!
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