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Default Re: MSNBC: Big Ben's breakdowns costing Steelers

This was Cowher's explanation from today's Post-Gazette:

"He gets something sometimes like tennis elbow, so he's trying to loosen it up like a kicker is loosening up his leg. He's fine. Sometimes there's so much sensationalism that takes place with this that it gets annoying at times."

Cowher said Roethlisberger's elbow was hit during the game, which is why he was icing it down afterward.

"Before the game he was fine," Cowher said. "It's another one of the sensationalized stories that sometimes these sideline reporters want to create."

I think the spotlight is beginning to turn Cowher a bit red in the face.

If this season does not turn around soon and the media keeps up with these sorts of questions, those of us who miss the old, sometimes out of control Cowher may get our wish for a return to the good old days.
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