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Default Re: Who do you think should be our team leader?

I think thats one of the big problems with this team right now is there is no leadership. We miss Jerome's leadership bigtime. I thought Hines Ward would be one of the players to step up a take the role of being a leader. But to me I know he is battling a hamstring injury. But he was battling a hamstring injury last year also. But to me Hines Ward is different this year and doesn't seem the same. I don't know if Hines Ward at his age is content and has lost some of his passion for the game. So I really don't think he has stepped up to take that leadership role.

About Ben and being a leader. He did make a very selfish act by riding a motorcycle. That isn't being a leader. Plus Ben does alot of talking about how he wants to be great and a team leader. But talk is cheap and actions speak much louder then words. Thats why I'm being so hard on Ben. I'm tired of the talk and the excuses. Its time to put up or shut up. I'm still a fan of Ben's. But I'm going to cut him any slack. I don't get cut any slack at work when I don't perform up to par. So Big Ben should be no different.
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