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Default Re: Top 5 players LEAST likely to be with us next year...

Originally Posted by Farrior4MVP
both batch and maddox are too old. i'd like to see frenchy st. pierre step it up and pass them both and then maybe draft another mobile athletic qb in next years draft possibly in the 3rd or 4th round. having someone that is mobile like ben as a backup would be great. Last year it was nice having maddox to tutor ben, but this year i think ben is to the point where he doesnt need tutoring.

i agree with all the others. maybe logan is let go if we keep hope and draft another FS.

Draft a "Backup" qb in the 3rd or 4th round...NEVER!!! I agree with the comment that batch is the odd man out. I think St. Pierre is an adequate 3rd qb right now, with maddox ahead of him.

The rest of that list of five is kinda simple...I mean Rasby, Carter, Cushing, and even Mays arent huge contributors. Cushing should be gone by default when Miller was chosen (his FB help is the only thing that might keep him around), Cater was a late season acquitions and could make the team this year, it all depends on how well Hope and Logan solidify their spots, Rasby....I think they'll rely on Tuman for the Veteran TE and keep Kranchick because of his upside.
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