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Default Re: how can this happen now?

Originally Posted by BigBensBikeHelmet View Post
"how can this happen now?"
uhhh... karma?!?!

Would you just give it a rest already!?!?! Players get injured. It happens. It's football--it's a rough sport, and guys go into it KNOWin what can happen.

Can you name ONE team that injuries HAVEN'T happened to????? In fact, I seem to recall that the Steelers had a very good starting QB injured before...

I rarely respond to trolls, but I'm just so sick of bengal fans (and team members) tryin to make it sound like they're the only one who's ever had an injured player, or tried to win games without them.

Trust me--we "GET" that you think Carson's the only one that's been injured--we "GET" that you THINK you'd have went on to win against the Colts AND the Broncos AND the Hawks at the Super Bowl if that just hadn't happened.

We're just sick of hearing it ad nauseum.
"Cheat THAT"!!! - Joey Porter after sacking Peyton Manning ('05 playoff game)
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