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Originally Posted by rowedf
Cowher had good things to say about him, but I just dont know if he can make more than the practice squad, unless he shines on special teams....I really think they'll keep morey on the team for that. That leaves Cobb and Washington to choose for a 6th WR. You know Ward, Randle El, Wilson, Gibson, should be the four WR's, then I feel Morey gets a spot based on Special Teams between Cobb and Washington I think, its nice to have competition like that.
Walter Young is in the mix at WR as well. He has had a good camp and is the biggest receiver on the team.

I am sick of all the specialists on our roster. It is always like this.... I think Cowher just likes these guys and thinks they are valuable because that is all his NFL career amounted too, was a good special teamer. it is a joke, does any other team have 4 specialist not including kickers or punters (Chidi, Morey, Kriewaldt, Schneck). This is ridiculous he might as well bring in a fifth QB that cant play lick, but is a great holder.

Do you guys think that Ike, McFadden, and Rian Wallace for example, couldn't run down the feild and hit, or tackle someone just as well if not better than these specialists?

I think it is a wasted spot.... I relize that a guy playing in Morey's #5 WR spot, or Chidi's #5 CB spot would make little impact and barely see the feild in 2006. Cowher is getting more out of the roster spot in 06 by using Morey, but I think we lose out on guys that could be special, but need a few seasons to blossom.
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