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Hey...Bikerboy...Starbuck's, CATS, and the IGLHRC are behind the door you crawled into when you whined your **** *** in here.

Make a 180 and follow the signs that say "Losers Exit"...

Jeez...still can't believe their fans are in denial...

As for Ben and the Steelers...

He needs Cowher to kick him in the butt...

Put him back in the gun on 2nd down and any passing downs...

Quit being so predictable with your run calls...and pass calls.

I can tell exactly what they are going to do before they even get lined up most times this year.

Send Santonio and Duce to...well who cares...

Don't call gadget plays that don't make sense to anyone in the entire stadium...much less your own guys.

Cowher looks too contented this year...he needs to get his fire back...

Been a diehard fan, (since about 3 years old)...even though I live in another state.
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