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Default Re: The guys at EA Sports REALLY need to learn how to spell...

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
1. The max amount of characters that can be in a madden player's name is 13...Roethlisberger has 14 characters so the final "e" is taken out to make it fit. It's the same reason T.J. Houshmandzadeh is T.J. Houshmandz in the game.

2. EA has monopolized virtual football...they can do whatever the hell they want and make you like it.
the character limit is b.s.
when i bought madden 06 i saw the spellin and immediately went tot the roster and changed it. it shows up wit all 14 letters now.
also count the letters in Houshmandz. there r 10. y dint they just do the same thing they did wit Roethlisberg(e)r and make it Houshmandzad(e)h. no Bengals fan is smart enough to miss only one letter and not enough play the game because they no the Bengals suck.

for reasons for their suckage go to
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