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Originally Posted by stillers4me View Post
Anybody that boos Ben right now is nothing but a fairweather fan.

I may utter an "aww Ben!" but he's the man.......Big Ben GodSend is in there somewhere and it's just a matter of time before he reemerges like the Incredible Hulk. He needs better support from the O line........and with the way the football gods are messing with both our O and our D this year, (frostbite????)it's going to be a looooonng season.

I will die with a terrible towel in my hand..........Here We Go, Steelers!!
you hit it right in the face, even on this website ive heard some calling for charlie batch. but i have to say that big ben is our franchise QB and he will be the starter for the next 12 yrs at minimum, and the most important thing about that is that i trust him to be our starter, he gave us a taste of a superbowl that has been out of our mouths for 25 yrs(excluding 1995 since we lost). even if we dont make it this year i will be a true fan and keep my head up because the NFL is trying to keep us down but we will come back.
You must watch this video.
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