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Default Re: Official Steelers vs Eagles Game talk thread

those are some good observations there, well done. I agree with your players that stood out.

I also agree that Zo jackson is doing nothing so far to warrant that 95 he has on his uniform. Not that he should be compared to Lloyd by any stretch, but atleast he outta be showing some signs of improvement somewhere.

Willie is a crafty veteran, he's quick enough to recover, and he did slip on a couple occasions in coverage. He'll be ok, and I think we need his experience opposite deshea atleast to start the season, and if coc, taylor or mcfadden steps up, then we can always insert them as time goes on.

ARE, he like all the veteran, arent going full bore, doing anything in preseason even close to what they can do. If you talk to any veteran who's spot on the team is solidified, all they wanna do in preseason is get on the field and get off as quick as possible. Nobody wants to show to much or get hurt in a meaningless game.

Batch looked absolutely awful overall, IMO. tommy didnt have his best game either..but I'll still take Tommy over batch when it comes down to it. That stat they showed last night,. Batch has 8 pass attempts in the last 3 seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCH !!

Hope is someone who has a chance to cash in next year and stay onboard with us, but he has to step it up this season, all year. We dont want to have to search for another starting safety next draft right away.

And dont forget again, its preseason.. unless these mistakes are evident in october, we can't worry too much yet, nor to get awfully optimistic either.
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