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Ben needs some more confidence, he's gaining it, but too slowly. If I was Cowher I would call open season on him in practice, with some ferocity limits. Let him get hit a hundred times and realize that he WILL live through it. That will help fix his fear of getting hit and force him to scramble more if he doesn't want to get hit. Then after he catches his breath from all that; regardless of what HE feels he needs to do, he needs to be tied down in the film room like Alex de Large in A Clockwork Orange and absorb as much game film as he can. Sorry but despite the fact I was never a huge fan of Ben (well no more than I am a fan of any Steeler, which is already pretty high) I always thought him to be a pretty tough guy. He needs the tough beaten back into him and then we WILL see him return to his past ability.
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