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Ben needs to remember it is legal for a QB to run past the line of scrimmage.

In an effort to remember better days for this team I watched the 2005 champs DVD again.

Notable highlights: Ben scoring on a QB draw against the Chargers; Ben scrambling for a 1st and goal that led to a Bettis TD in that same Chargers game; Ben rolling out and scoring the TD that iced the Denver game; Ben scoring in the Super Bowl; and Ben scrambling for a 1st down on a busted play to seal the Super Bowl win.

Running for positive yardage is a big part of Ben's game - he has run twice for -1 total yards this season. Cowher specifically called him out in public before the Chargers game last week to run and yet Ben never did so.

I understand why Ben appears afraid (not reluctant - afraid) to get hit but after 3 ful games I no longer sympathize with it - the NFL is not flag football and getting hit is part of the QBs job description. If Ben no longer is willing to take a hit Cowher needs to figure out how to change that mindset immediately.

I would call some planned QB runs (Ben is not Michael Vick but the main point would not be to gain yardage) to force Ben to return to running it on ocassion.
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