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Default Re: Playmakers wanted

Originally Posted by 19ward86 View Post
nate washington is very underrated, his hands are not a problem. he has dropped passes but so has TO. it is getting the feel of bens throws first and then the amazing hands of nate will come in play. holmes is the same way, he played with 2 diff QB in college and had to adjust to each and did a good job at doing it.(craig krenzel and troy an OSU fan).i think this week will be his more involved week. we are playing like the bengals right now, we used to have depth at our receiver position and now we dont so we lose, the bengals lost chris henry and they lost, and if you think about it this year chris henry is one of their biggest weapons. he'll start instead of douschmanzadeh next season, if he is still there.
You seriously think that the Steelers WR corps has similar talent to the Bengals?

The only Steelers WR that would even get into the Bengals team is Hines - and even then maybe not based on his form so far this year.

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