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Default Re: Official Steelers vs Eagles Game talk thread

[QUOTE=SteelProven]There were a couple of players that stood out in my mind.

1. N. Herron while he didn't dazzle he did show that he'll be around for awhile. He showed a lot of grit running behind a make shift line. He impressed me the most of all the backs
2. F. Gibson he did make a bone head play by letting the corner get underneath him for an INT. But he did show potential by going after balls and his willingness to block down field. I think in a few years will be just as in love with Freds abilities as we are with H. Ward. I want to see more of him for sure. He looks to have very soft hands.

3. I. Taylor will I think he could be more effective by playing closer to the line of scrimmage and pressing receivers. I still think he kept the play in front of him and made the open field tackle. He by far is the fastest corner we have and the Steelers should take advantage of that. I don't think him playing 8-10 yards off the line of scrimmage his helping him in any way. It's pre-season a time and place for coaches and players to take chances. I think if utilized properly he could actually be one of our better corners. IMO
Here's were I have to disagree. Ike gave up 3 or 4 out passes in the 1st half each going for 8 to 10 yards. A out route is a CB's dream. I kept hoping he'd jump one but he didnt. Colclough is the better player INO. He's faster as you saw on the KO return by Ike when he caught then passed him. And has better instincts and more big play potential. He would have definitley jumped one of thos outs.

4. TE's even though they only accounted for 4 catches 52 yards while some may see this as a small feat I see this as a stepping stone. You can see from the pass interference call involving H. Miller that teams realize that we now have a receiving threat at the TE position. Heath looked very slow to me. I really cant wait to watch him again. Hopefully he'll get more chances. Kranchick looked good.

5. H. Ward while most still criticize him for holding out for those 15 days but he didn't or hasn't missed to much. I think H. Ward could of played last night if needed. While I do think money played a large role in coming back. I am really glad he chose to return even though I have faith in C. Wilson and ARE. I really wouldn't want to see these to running routes the entire season.

Players that I felt didn't help themselves

1. A. Jackson
while I watched his every move one he stepped on the field in the 2nd quarter. He should absolutely nothing while the eagles did roll a RB to his side a few times. I think he doesn't have enough pass rushing moves to become a good OLB for the Steelers. While I do think he would of been better used at DE. IMO He's as good as cut imo. A poster from another board gave him the funniest name-Inaction Jackson

2. ARE while I think he has a great future ahead of him. He always seems to short arm catches as evident by his drop pass yesterday. Now I know that you can't judge a player off of one play. But ARE been doing this type of thing for awhile and he's going to have to be come more reliable for the Steelers to be successful. He does drop some easy ones. I expect him to do better this year in that aspect.

3. C. Hope while the Steelers did not release there whole arsenal I did see Hope out of position a few times are those long 3rd down completions. While I do think he will be the most improved player on defense. I still think he has played a little inconsistent at times and he's going to have to improve vastly if the Steelers are to maintain or improve on there pass defense from last year.

4. Willie Williams I was never a supporter of him starting anyway so seems him get his jock twisted by a rookie proved my point even more. I'd rather have one of our young corners out there making that mistake then a 34 year-old veteran. I say let Willie mentor the young corners and teach them things that he see's and knows. Most people were hating on him last year and looks the same this year. I was happy when he was signed last year and glad they brought him back. He'll be fine. He's still better then Ike. Remember Willie didnt look to good last preseason.

Kemoeatu played real good. I just re-watched the 1st half on tivo. WOW what a beast! On that draw play TD by Parker he dominated the DT. Almost knocked him off his feet on initial contact.

Keisel had a nice game with a sack and big time pressure on the other.
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