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Default Re: Steelers Interested in Moss and Porter

Originally Posted by noto45 View Post
get Jerry Porter NOW!!!! our recivers are weak at best.....dump wilson and trade him back to Cali. A change for JP will make him a beast in black and gold!!! For once I hope the Steelers do something out of the ordinary and take a chance on a proven player.....
a proven player? ... he's never even had a 1000 yard season ... still, I think we need some more experience at the WR position ... I wouldn't be opposed to renting him for the rest of the year ... as long as whatever price we pay doesn't limit what we can give troy and ben in the next two years (I'm not really familiar with the new CBA rules or whatever so I dont think it would) ... but in reality our WR play isnt exactly what's killing us ... its a small part of the problem on the offense. Hartings was absolutely man-handled last Sunday and we have no other answer at RB to take some pressure off of ben when willie can't get the tough yards (which seems to be a continuing trend against any halfway decent run defense) ... we aren't getting out playmakers on offense involved which I feel is due to very bad play calling (when was the last time Heath Miller touched the ball??? ... 9 catches in 4 games is pathetic) ... then there's ben ... theres not much really I can say except that he has found a knack for making big mistakes at very inoppurtune times ... the steelers will turn it around this week, I mean if they can't vs. the Chiefs with a back up QB, and injured LJ, and their backs against the wall, then I think I might even turn my cards in for the season
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