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Default Re: The Pens!!!!

Sorry to say that but Leclair good scoring days are way behind him... Pitts just signed an always injured old and slow player. Don't expect more than a 10-15 goal season !

As for the rest of their signings, I wonder how much games will Mario, Ziggy and John will play this year... Maybe 70... for the combine 3!

As for Thibeault, you'll find that he is overrated...

Gonchard was a great add... Pitts should look now for some much needed defensive players...

In the NHL today, you don't win if you don't have a top goolie, a good defensive system and injured-free players. Therefore, Pens will be lucky to finish in the top 5 teams in the conference and won't will more than 1 round in the playoffs. The good thing is that's better than the last years ;-)
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