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Originally Posted by BB2W
Walter Young is in the mix at WR as well. He has had a good camp and is the biggest receiver on the team.

I am sick of all the specialists on our roster. It is always like this.... I think Cowher just likes these guys and thinks they are valuable because that is all his NFL career amounted too, was a good special teamer. it is a joke, does any other team have 4 specialist not including kickers or punters (Chidi, Morey, Kriewaldt, Schneck). This is ridiculous he might as well bring in a fifth QB that cant play lick, but is a great holder.
Sorry man but I think the above paragraph is ridiculous! First off, cowher is one of the most successful coaches in the league, and YOUR ridiculing his coaching decisions and you think maybe the way he does things is WHY he is this successful???

Second of all, look at who your calling specialists and what they do.

chidi, we had very little depth at corner for the last couple seasons, he excels on special teams.....I wouldn't call that strictly a specialist.

Morey He is a specialist on special teams and a GREAT one, he was the captain in Philly, and YES every team does have a couple guys strictly for special teams.

Kriewaldt Just like chidi, we've had very little depth at linebacker. Kriewaldt does play pretty well on special teams but he also is an adequate backup MLB.

Schneck Now this just blew me away, are you kidding me? EVERY team needs a long snapper, its a very important position on a team, consider how many times the ball is snapped for punts, FG's, and extra points, then think about how important it is to have a "specialist" do that.

And you want to take away a specialist spot to have a 6th receiver maybe?? How many snaps would he play in a game? 1,2,3? A specialists is way more valuable to have that plays on every special team situation compared to a WR that might get into the game.

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