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chidi, we had very little depth at corner for the last couple seasons, he excels on special teams.....I wouldn't call that strictly a specialist. Little depth at CB??? Scott,Williams,Taylor,Colclough,Townsend-Thats five solid from last year. This year we have Townsend,Williams,Colclough,Taylor,and McFadden. I dont think it's impossible he gets cut.

Morey He is a specialist on special teams and a GREAT one, he was the captain in Philly, and YES every team does have a couple guys strictly for special teams. He hasnt impressed me thus far. There had to be a reason why the Eagles(who were under the cap) cut him. If it came down to him and Chidi i'd take Chidi
Kriewaldt Just like chidi, we've had very little depth at linebacker. Kriewaldt does play pretty well on special teams but he also is an adequate backup MLB. The only reason he makes the team every year is because he has some pictures of Cowher lol. And lack of depth If it came down to him and Wallace i'd take Wallace.
Schneck Now this just blew me away, are you kidding me? EVERY team needs a long snapper, its a very important position on a team, consider how many times the ball is snapped for punts, FG's, and extra points, then think about how important it is to have a "specialist" do that. Yeah I wouldnt mess with this one either.

All these positions except Schneck is up for grabs imo.
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