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Default Re: Troy's Composure

Originally Posted by steelcurtain09 View Post
How does Troy do this?
He gets tackled by the hair while LJ is draggin him down and pullin as hard as he can. The replay shows how much pain he was in. What does he do when he gets up? He does not go and punch LJ a couple times in the face (my choice). He does not even get up and complain to the refs. He let someone else do tht (i thought it was Deshea Townsend but realized it couldnt be). He gets up runs right by LJ onto the field almost kills a ref accidently and goes to his sideline. When he sat down he was smilin and had already forgotten.

Then on the first play of the Chiefs next drive LJ is slowin down after droppin a pass and is a perfect target for Troy as he comes flien in. Instead of layin LJ out (again my choice) he pulls up and jogs by him.

How does Troy have this much control when he is in a football game wit testosterone lvls so high?
Troy is a very spiritual and humble man, along with possessing a lot of class. I'm a fairly even-keeled gal, but I can almost guarantee LJ would have been singing soprano if he held onto my hair like that in a similar situation.

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