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Default Re: Stupid Roethlisberger discussion

Originally Posted by Steel_Bus_24 View Post
Ben made some stupid plays his first three games. He also didn't pull it down and run with it when he should have, like he did a lot last year, instead he hung in the pocket dancing around forcing thows.

The blame isn't soley on him though, becasue the line was bad in most cases, and wrs couldn't get any seperation.

So yes he looked horrible, but anyone thinking that benching him for Batch is retarded. Ben needed to work through that stuff and hopefully he has now. He is our franchise QB.

Some people seem to forget that he is only a 3rd year QB and that having a 28-7 record is not a common occurence.

In short people overreacted because this was really the first time we have seen Ben struggle like that. But benching ben over 3 games is retarded ideas of morons.
No, it's typical Steelers fan bandwagonism is what it is, which should surprise NO ONE. I knew as soon as Ben had a few bad games, these fairweather fans would be calling for his head, rather than understand and support him through his rough times.
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