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Originally Posted by BirdKC View Post
I wouldn't say that. So far this season the Chiefs have more productive on all sides of the ball than the steelers. Yes, I know, Steelers have played tougher teams, but when you throw in the fact our QB is injured (not to mention some other positions) we have been doing pretty well. Now you guys are in a similar position with all of your injuries, and I do think you have a slight edge playing at home. But I don't think the chiefs are just gonna lie down and let you have it. KC proved they can battle back from 14-0 on the road last week. Regardless of who you play against, that is hard to do. This game will be closer than you think.

Hey BirdKC? Oh yes, the Chiefs laid down. They laid down and took it like a prison gang rape. Last point, the game was not close and in fact it was more lopsided then I expected.
I wish you better luck on your next post.
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