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Default Re: Steelers vs. Chiefs Gameday Thread

Mahalo, (thanks) for the play by play..... Due to the earthquake at 0710 Sunday morning, our power was off until 2330 last night...... And for the most part our phones were working very poorly, too..... I did manage to get through to my grandkids a couple of times to get updates, but where they were watching, the network switched to another game, and I got cut off a couple of times while they were waiting for the score to scroll past..... I came here right away when I was able to power up and I sure wish I had been able to watch the game...... I am wondering if it will be reaired during the week - - I guess I will call a couple of the sports bars here to check..... I cannot believe that it took them over 15 hours to get the power plants working again after the safety shutdown shortly after the quakes...... Sheesh.....
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