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Default Re: Don't get to excited yet.

Agreed it was a great win but this blowout (unlike such blowouts as New England and Philly midway through the 2004 season) is not yet part of a winning streak.

Yesterday will not help much without a follow-up next week in Atlanta. For what it is worth the line opened with the Steelers favored by 1&1/2, which may reflect both the Steelers first half and Falcons second half play yesterday.

FYI the Atlanta paper and sports talk stations are bashing the Falcons like the Steelers were getting hammered after the San Diego game - look for the Falcons (who are now chasing Carolina and the Saints) to be playing with some desperation on Sunday.

Hopefully the typically front running Atlanta fans will sell their tickets to Steelers fans and the Black & Gold fans will be well represented at the Georgia Dome this week.
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