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Default Re: Don't get to excited yet.

Vick is not the player he was in 2002 when he was the world's greatest sandlot player and ran wild at Heinz.

Hard to believe a NFL QB would regress in his ability to respond to defenses from his second to his sixth year bit that is the case with Vick.

The Falcons demented combination of the West Coast offense and an option running attack that looks like something Oklahoma or Nebraska would run in the 1980s has totally screwed up Vick's passing mechanics. Since Vick is closer to the owner than the coaches are, he may jhave had enoughg, say screw it, and play his own game this week.

If the Steelers get up 10 points on the Falcons the Georgia Dome crowd will turn against the Falcons and that team's fragile psyche will break. It always is helpful, but a quick start is particularly crucial on the road next Sunday.
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