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Originally Posted by rowedf
I just disagree with you that a 6th receiver spot is more valuable than a special teams ace. It would be great if that guy could perform both jobs, but if I had to choose a guy that MIGHT play a down or two in a game or a guy that will get a couple tackles on special teams.....I'd take the later.
I never said he was more valuable. In fact, I said quite the opposite.....

Originally Posted by BB2W
I think it is a wasted spot.... I relize that a guy playing in Morey's #5 WR spot, or Chidi's #5 CB spot would make little impact and barely see the feild in 2006. Cowher is getting more out of the roster spot in 06 by using Morey, but I think we lose out on guys that could be special, but need a few seasons to blossom.
A guy like Washington may not make an impact in 2006, but what about next season when El and Lee Mays are free-agents. It might be nice to have a guy that dressed for games, played with the 53 man roster, and actually got some snaps and experience.

You can't honestly beleive that there is noone else on our team that can play special teams, and run down the feild and tackle someone. Teams find new guys to do that every year..... much like the Eagles did. It is not necessary to have 6 specialists on your 53 man roster.

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