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Default Re: My Eagles don't need to beat the Steelers. We have the Patriots for that

Originally Posted by Nick The Slasher McGirk
We may lose to you from time to time but in the end, we can always count on the Patriots to rip the Steelers and their fans hearts out at the end of the season. Last year was especially lovely. I'm sure a lot of you jumped off of bridges after the CG.

It was funny!
How about the lasting image of your 100 mill QB unable to run a hurry up offense because he was puking lol. They got the ball with 5:47 left in the game(also had a chance with 8:35 but DM was intercepted lol) and finally scored with 1:47 left. Thats probably why TO is trying to get out of their
Here's what it looked like- DM
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