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Default Re: My Eagles don't need to beat the Steelers. We have the Patriots for that

Originally Posted by Nick The Slasher McGirk
We may lose to you from time to time but in the end, we can always count on the Patriots to rip the Steelers and their fans hearts out at the end of the season. Last year was especially lovely. I'm sure a lot of you jumped off of bridges after the CG.

It was funny!
Look who's talking.... You should know what it feels like to have the Patriots rip your heart out at the end of the season. The Pats beat your Eagles on an even bigger stage remember?

I'm sure a lot of you jumped off of bridges after the CG.
What? If any of us jumped off a bridge we would be dead.....

I was not suprised we lost to the Patriots.... I thought it would be tough to beat them twice in a season. Last year was not a disappointment for me at all. It was an awesome ride..... when Tommy went down in week 2, I would have never expected them to do that well. I am not a Superbowl or nothing kinda fan. I knew it was not likely they would win it all with a rookie QB.

This was a ridiculous post..... probably inspired by Monday nights wuppin. I think both of our teams have choked in the playoffs more than we would care to admit.
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