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Default Re: Staley needs to go

I'm really not worried about Duce or Bettis both ending up injured. I really believe that Haynes and Parker could do well spliting carries. In my humble opinion, I think it is more about the OL than the actual back. Bettis did okay last year but I really believe a lot of his (and the team's) success was due to a consistently good OL. So I think our running game really depends on how the right side of the OL does with Simmons and Starks, moreso than on who we have in the backfield.

The nice thing about A-Train is that he is still relatively young. 26 or 27 years old? He seems to have a higher YPC with the more attempts he gets. This would work well in our run-heavy system. The Bears were battling back from large second half deficits most games so I'd venture to say that the Bears passed quite a bit during the second half or were on defense for much of the game.

Duce is suppossed to be back by or right after Week One right? I'll hold my judgment until then. I think if he misses more than 6 games this year, we need to look for someone else. Maybe Duce moves into a Bettis role of a short-yardage back.
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