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Default Re: Official Dolphins vs Steelers Game Thread

Im looking forward to Ben taking a lot more snaps. The guy's besides Ben that I want to see-

Miller- Like to see him get more chances and look a little quicker. BTW did anyone notice my prediction came true? He got held on the play.

Colclough- He was my favorite to take Willie's job. I still think he's a better player than Taylor.

Taylor- He's getting a lot of hype for play that isnt worthy IMO. He was passed on at will last week. He was solid not dominant like some paper said. I know Cowher is talking him up too. Hopefully he opens my eye's.

McFadden- I hope he makes an adjustment in his game soon. Instead of playing the ball he face guards and knocks the ball down without ever seeing it coming. Thus the low int totals in his college career.

Kemoeatu-The guy is a monster. Hopefully he serves up a few more pancakes :D

Keisel- I'd like to see him run with the 1st team for a few snaps. Lets see if this is the year he puts it together.

RB's Herron and Parker- hopefully they get to run behind the #1 OL. I know Parker will.

Kranchick- Must improve his blocking! If he doesnt he'll be cut. His ability as a reciever is unquestioned.

Essex- Was solid last week with pass blocking. Must improve his run blocking.

With all that said, Tivo is a wonderful thing I will watch the whole team close. Rewinding then slowmotioning through each play. :D

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