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Default Re: Who concerns you the most in the AFCN

Originally Posted by clevestinks
The AFCN, who concerns me most? That would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have a great team. In this division it would take a total melt down by us, for us not to win it. Our defense is the best in the division, and maybe the NFL. And it is defense that will win it for us again. Our offense is good enough to win it all. Injuries always play a part, sometimes it isn`t the best team in the end, its the healthiest. So if we don`t beat ourselves, and Ben improves just a little, because our offense isn`t centered around having to have an explosive passing game, we will win the AFCN, the AFC and the fifth ring.

Couldnt have said it better myself cleve... but no fair bringing the obvious into it
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