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Thumbs up Re: Dolphin Game Observations and Questions

The defense was definately focused.. the starters and backups were on fire all night.. the pass rush was solid if not spectacular at times, the rush defense was second to none..the pass defense was solid, although they did give up some big plays,..but then again, we arent full out blitzburgh in the preseason so Im not too worried.

Ike taylor definately showed again and had a good game. Coc was good in on defense but his return game was bad. Hope definately stepped up and had another good game.

Offensive wise we were definately not on track, out of sync and inconsistent. Its only preseason so Im not concerned really at this point.

Chris K. and Taylor both had solid games and are definately improving.. if they keep it up, our OL will be AOK. They were talking about his need to step up and be a force mainly (taylor) and highlighting some of his good play.

Kriedwalt had a solid game too, best Ive seen him on the defense since he's been here. He'll always be a ST demon, but he had a good game tonite nonetheless.

parker had a great game, and when he gets stacked up he can cut and turn on the burners in a snap. He'll be a beast in the short passing game. Herron was running Hard all 2nd half, he helped grind out several minutes off the clock. I know we cant keep all of them, but parker should be a shoe in to make the team, and herron can make it as kreiders backup and play a dual role.

Good stuff!!
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