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Default Re: Dolphin Game Observations and Questions

One thing: Some people are already panicking over Ben and the offense. (But mostly Ben.) Please, do not to this to yourselves, and do not do this to others. It's rather sickening. I realize the first-team offense hasn't looked great thus far, but c'mon. They played one series against Philly, and looked lackluster tonight in poor conditions. I'm not using that as an excuse, but I will say that an offense requires a lot of timing, and we're not there yet. That's part of what the preseason is for, after all. And you're not gonna get timing when you don't play more than one series, or when you're in a game where a turnover occurs every other play. And also, Cedrick Wilson dropped a TD, so Ben's 6/11 51 yds. 0 TD 1 INT could very well be 7/11 60 yds. 1 TD 1 INT. Let's all just calm down. Don't start stressing just yet.
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