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Default Re: Parker v. Staley

Staley notwithstanding, we do need to give Willie the ball more this year, and I'm talking about doing it in key situations. Not just garbage time. Willie is the only RB we have that can break off a 50-yard run at any given time. It seems obvious because it is. Get him the rock more often.

As far as the comparison to Zereoue, Blitzburgh, I see where you might be concerned. It is kind of a "been there, done that" thing from that standpoint. But the difference is that Willie is hitting holes and sprinting. Amos didn't "hit" holes all that often. He was much more likely to find a hole, dance around, try to find another hole, and go down with a one-yard gain. Perhaps visions of Barry Sanders danced around his mind as he danced in and out of holes. I haven't really seen that from Willie yet, and hopefully, I won't.

Amos looked for the big run before he got back to the line of scrimmage. Willie just runs and if it turns into a big run, well, nothing wrong with that.
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