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Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
lol, oh man. I have no problem with Ruutu playing a physical game and drawing penalties. That is why we brought him in here. I just don't want him to make it a habit of taking dumb penalties at the wrong time. What I "don't want to see" is Fleury having to stop over 40 shots a night because of dumb penalties. Choose your targets wisely, light them up, fight when the time arrives (at the right time) and don't take dumb penalties. As stated on........five different occasions now, that goes for the rest of the team.

Also, I have no problem with Ruutu releasing his "inner bastard" nor did I expect Ruutu to come in here and become a flower child while doing triple lutz's at center ice in a tight skinned pink leotard. I just want physical, disciplined play. That's all. I'm sure Therrien and Shero want the same. It's not exactly an unreasonable request.
OK, fair enough. It certainly is not an unreasonable request and it is what I prefer as well. I just want to see a little more of the reason why the man piled up 124 PIMs last season. Am I wrong for that? I'm an old-school hockey fan, and enjoy the rough stuff as well as the great plays and players (though the former doesn't happen nearly as much as it used to, because you can't breathe on a player without a friggin penalty being called).

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