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Default Re: Staley needs to go

Sweet!... I got my first negative feedback for my post in this thread. Sorry guys... I am not of the "Steelers can do no wrong" contingency. I take an objective view and I don't get caught up in the misguided love for certain players. Make my team stronger on the field... I have no tolerance for lovable underachievers or the chronically injured. Since I'm sure the "best blocking WR in the game" crack got me the negative feedback... signing Hines may be a feel good story for most of you... but the fact of the matter is... he will never be a top 5 receiver and should not be paid like it. He doesn't make the top 15 in receptions, the top 20 in yards or the top 30 in TD's for a receiver. The intangibles he brings to the locker room can be had at a much smaller price. Spend the money on a 30 carry RB... we can find rookies to block CB and Safeties.
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